Laboratory equipment:

Computer equipment includes the equipment of all CeNT laboratories and Institute for Machine Tools.

It is the goal of the CIM laboratory to integrate all laboratories by a joint communication infrastructure into a pilot CIM system.

Laboratory program support:

-TOPIS 5.1/RB: Program package for production management developed at the Faculty of mechanical Engineering in collaboration with domestic industry. It is based on its own database or relational database ORACLE. Its basic subsystems embrace construction information, technological information, tools business, maintenance management and the like.

-CIM-OSA: The reference model of the CIM-OSA system, an open architecture system, conforms to the EU ESPRIT project results. The model includes functional, information, resource and organizational aspect. The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and LOLA Institute are members of the CIM-OSA Interest Group.

-ORACLE: It is the relational database model for information resources design of computerized applications. Its basic parts are: User interspace for interactive dialog, Input forms, Report builder and SQL instructions.

-ER Modeller: ''ENTITIES-RELATIONS“ diagram modeling of relational databases. Normalization forms provide optimization and non-redundancy. Code output is possible in some of the database systems (ORACLE, CIM, dBASE etc).

-Design/IDEF Modeller: Software tools for modeling CIM subsystems and parts of manufacturing-technological information system. The elements are hierarchically connected to the determined inputs, outputs and feedbacks.

-Classifier processor: Computerized mode of designating business agents respects parallel system JUPITER-system and is connected to database/knowledge base.

-FOURTH SHIFT: PC oriented package program for prooduction management. The major subsystems are components, technological documentation, needs, MRPII, scheduling, work orders and jobs in the facility and the other.