Firstly, the Laboratory program tends to establish a flexible technological system with high artificial intelligence coefficinet. Secondly, to use the thus built intelligent technological system to investigate the relationship between hardware and software products within such a system. This means to develop intelligent hardware and intelligent software which, being a model of product, is a basic generator of data and data-based technological system control.

Determination of working processes is in direct function of the task set. Those are primarily higly productive methods, unconventional working and finishing that produce high accuracy and high quality of the processed surface. Another area of activity is forming of technological data bank for technological processes design with heterogeneous working technologies.

Tools for diverse types of working processes are of vital importance for new materials, new shapes of parts as well as for new technological and economic criteria. Working tools comprise cutting tools, grinding tools and other fine types of working as well as tools for various types of working by deformation, including casting tools. A separate groups of tools are tools for working of very hard materials and composite materials too.