Teaching Assistant


Date of birth: February 21, 1969
Present Position: Research assistant
1996 -
Dipl.Ing., Mechanical Engineering Faculty, Production Engineering, University of Belgrade
2001 -
Master of Technical Sciences Mechanical Engineering Faculty, University of Belgrade
Professional experiences:
1996 -
Assistant, Mechanical Engineering Faculty, University of Belgrade
2001 -
Research Assistant, Mechanical Engineering Faculty, University of Belgrade
Teaching Experience:
1996 -
Manufacturing Technology, Computer Aided Design, Tools and Tooling, Theory of Manufacturing Processes, Design of Manufacturing Processes, Computer Integrated Manufacturing Manufacturing, Machine Tools, Production Systems
JUPITER Association, technical editor of the Journal
Alumni Association (Mechanical Engineering Faculty, Belgrade)
Research work:
Finite Element Method, Computer Aided Optimization, CAD/CAM/CAE, Manufacturing Technology, Metal Cutting and Machineability Researches
Computer software lecturer, Web-site programmer
Other relevant information:
AQUIT Certified Expert – RDBMS, AQUIT Certified Expert – VB.Net
n-Sopt, software for Computer Aided Optimization, Published 20 papers, Associate in 7 project, Published a book in the field of Manufacturing Technology as a co-author.

List of major publications:

  1. Popovic, M., The Contribution to Development of Press Brake Frames Design and Optimization Method, Master of Science thesis, Belgrade, 2001, in serbian
  2. Popovic M., n-Sopt, software, Mechanical Engineering Faculty, Belgrade, 2001-2004
  3. Popovic, M., Kalajdzic, M., Possibilities for design optimization using finite element method, 8th International Conference on Flexible Technologies, Proceedings, p. 45-46, Novi Sad, june 2003, in serbian.
  4. Kovljenić B., Ivanović R., Puzović R., Popović M., THE STATE AND PERSPECTIVES OF CAD/CAM/CAE APPLICATION IN PLASTIC PRODUCTS AND CORRESPONDING TOOLS DESIGN, 29. JUPITER Conference, Proceedings, p. 2.47 – 2.50, Belgrade, february 2003, in serbian.
  5. Popovic M., Kalajdzic M., A CONTRIBUTION TO THE OPTIMIZATION OF THE PRESS FRAMES, 29. Production engineering conference, proceedings, Belgrade, 19-20. september, 2002, in serbian.
  6. Popovic M., Kalajdzic M., A contribution to the optimization of machine tool frames, The fourth international conference, Heavy Machinery HM 2002, D.17-D.20, proceedings, Kraljevo, 28-30 june 2002, ISBN 86-82631-15-6
  7. Popovic, M., Kalajdzic, M., Shape optimization on places with stress concentration, 27. JUPITER Conference, 23. symposium NU – Robots – FTS, Proceedings, p. 3.103-3.106, Faculty of mechanical engineering, Belgrade, 2001, in serbian.