Manufacturing metrology and quality as scientific and expert disciplines have been studied at the Chair of Production Engineering for over 40 years. The first university textbook in this field was written by Prof. Dr. Pavle Stanković: Measurement and Control, Belgrade, 1952.

The Laboratory for manufacturing metrology and TQM was opened on April 4, 1988 on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the University of Belgrade. At the same time, a joint Demo center of MF-KOMEG-Ma šinokomerc was formed to work within the Laboratory.

Being one of the seven laboratories at the Chair of Production Engineering and CIM, in the mentioned period it possessed or possesses the equipment such as: (i) metrological systems of previous generations (universal tool microscope, roughness measuring device etc), (ii) NUMM UMC-850 with appropriate software support, and (iii) a number of PC stations for NUMM off-line programming and geometrical modeling and software development for quality system management.

Software available in the Laboratory: UMESS (inspection of tolerances for lengths, angles and positions), KUM (inspection of curves and curved surfaces), GON (inspection of cylindrical gears with straight and oblique teeth), RAM (inspection of gears with helical teeth), NOM (camshaft inspection), SAM (statistical analyses and syntheses), MFT (MM off-line programming). Licensed Pro/Engineer software, especially its CMM module (used in research activities). Also, software SQC (Statistical Quality Control), VP-Expert (shell for expert systems) as well as software, developed at the Chair, for SPC, Taguchi method, geometrical modeling of curves and curved surfaces and software for knowledge base for the inspection expert system, software for self-evaluation after TQM-VM model for business excellence, software for organizational assessment according to European TQM model for small and middle-sized businesses, software for processes capacity evaluation, expert system for intelligent planning of inspection and the like.

In the period 1990-2004 the Laboratory research team, supported by industry and funds for science (Republic and Federal), worked on the following projects: (i) elements of competing engineering for technological systems, (ii) investigations on machinability parameters for high-speed machining, (iii) ultra-accurate machining, (iv) TQM system, (v) development of methods for on-line identification of machining processes, (vi) development of software engineering components for quality system in the CIM environment, (vii) development of the national TQM model, (viii) software development for company’s self-evaluation according to TQM model, (ix) QMS in M/S companies, (x) intelligent model development of quality management, (xi) integrated management system, and (xii) digital factory. The total number of projects, including those in the preceding period, amounts to over 100.