Starting from to date experience and research results in the domain of industrial robotics and artificial intelligence, current research trends in these areas in the world and domestic industry's needs, research programs embrace groups of problems such as:

  • Serial and parallel robots modeling,
  • Design of serial and parallel robots, end-effectors and peripheral equipment,
  • Control, programming, sensors and intelligence, recognition systems,
  • Robots application and introduction,
  • Reconfigurable systems for multi-axis robot-based working,
  • Robot testing.

The Laboratory is equipped with contemporary hi-tech hardware and software.


-Mitsubishi Movemaster EX with 5 degrees of freedom,

-GOŠKO RG-01 with 5+1 degrees of freedom (designed at the Chair),

-LOLA 50 with 6 degrees of freedom,

-LOLA RPD-1,25 two-arm press-service robot,

-Micro SKARA as a passive RCC unit with 2 degrees of freedom,

-Experimental parallel DELTA robot with 4 degrees of freedom (developed at the Chair).


-PASRO programming language (PASCAL for robots),

-WORKSPACE 5 software for simulation and off-line programming of robots and robotized cells.

Teaching aids:

-component models and scale models of leading manufacturers and Chair’s creation, demo programs by robots and software leading manufacturers.

A more detailed insight into the Laboratory equipment can be gained on the Subject’s site: INDUSTRIAL ROBOTS

and on the site of the Demonstration center for machines with parallel kinematics: