Full Time Professor

Date of birth: December 10, 1969
Present Position: Associate Professor
1989 - 1995
Dipl.Ing., Mechanical Engineering Faculty, Production Engineering, University of Belgrade
2000 -
Master of Technical Sciences Mechanical Engineering Faculty, University of Belgrade
Professional experiences:
1995 -
1995- Assistant, Mechanical Engineering Faculty, University of Belgrade
2000 -
Research Assistant, Mechanical Engineering Faculty, University of Belgrade
Teaching Experience:
1995 -
Manufacturing Technology
Machine Tools
Industrial Robots
Production Systems
JUPITER Association
Research work:
As researcher or head he was involved in the realization of a number of projects dealing with Machine tools, Parallel kinematic machines, Industrial robotics, Design, Flexible Manufacturing Systems, CAD/CAM. Among 50 references, were published in the proceedings of the Conferences held in Serbia and abroad, as well as in International journals.
International Projects:
EUREKA Project PAKICUT E!3239, Development of Parallel Kinematic Device Integrated into 3-axis Milling Centre to enable Multi-axis Cutting Processes, Project leadres: Prof Dr. Konstantin Bouzakis (Greece), Prof Dr. Dragan Milutinovic (Serbia & Montenegro)

List of major publications:

  1. Živanović S. , Parallel Kinematic Machines, International Journal of Production Engineering and Computers, Volume 3, Number 3, pp.49-54, 2000.
  2. D. Milutinovic, M. Glavonjic, V. Kvrgic, S. Zivanovic, A New 3-DOF Spatial Parallel Mechanism for Milling Machines with Long X Travel, pp. 345-348, Annals of the Vol54/1, CIRP 2005.
  3. Glavonjic, M., Milutinovic, D., Zivanovic, S., Bouzakis, K., Mitsi, S., Misopolinos, L., Development of a Parallel Kinematic device Integrated into a 3-axis Milling centre, Proceedings of 2 nd Interanational Conference on Manufacturing Engineering ICMEN and EUREKA Brokerage Event, pp.351-361, Kassandra-Chalkidiki, Greece, october, 2005
  4. Simonović, A. , Živanović, S., DESIGN OF MOLD FOR HELICOPTER COMPOSITE ROTOR BLADE, 6 th International Conference Research and Development in Mechanical Industry – RaDMI 2006, Proceedings,Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of Kraljevo & High Technical Mechanical School of Trstenik, Budva, Montenegro, 13-17. september 2006.
  5. Ranđelović, S., Živanović, S., CAD-CAM Data Transfer as a Part of Product Life Cycle, Facta Universitatis, UDC 681.31: 65.012, Series: Mechanical Engineering Vol 5, No 1, 2007, pp 87-96
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