The JUPITER conference is a leading forum for presenting new results for researching and developing in the following areas: computer-integrated technologies, CAD/CAM systems, CNC technologies, robotics, flexible technologies, using information technologies, etc. The conference is an opportunity to gather leading researchers, engineers, and scientists in the production field. The goal of the 43rd JUPITER conference is the exchange of experience between a representative of the industry and academia community. The goals are to define the state of the area of production engineering, determine directions of research and development with a view to raising the technological level of the country, creating preconditions for launching existing technological capacities and introducing new technologies.

This year, within the 43rd JUPITER conference, we are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the Department of Production Engineering. Teaching in the field of production engineering in Serbia began at the very beginning of the 19th century. At the Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering of the Technical Faculty, from which the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade later emerged in 1922, the subject of Machine Tools was introduced. Several transformations followed, and in 1972 the Department of Production Engineering was formed. We invite you to contribute to the celebration of this remarkable jubilee.


Chair of the organization board

Prof dr Sasa Zivanovic


Chairman of the Scientific Committee: dr Zoran Miljković, full professor

Members: Prof. dr Slavko Arsovski, FIN Kragujevac • Prof. dr Aco Antić, FTN Novi Sad • Prof. dr Pavao Bojanić MF Beograd • Prof. dr Božica Bojović, MF Beograd • Prof. dr Nikolai I. Bobir (Ukrajina) • Stevo Borojević (RS, BiH) • Prof. dr Konstantin D. Bouzakis (Grčka) • Prof. dr Radomir Vukasojević (Crna Gora) • Prof. dr Đorđe Vukelić, FTN Novi Sad • Prof. dr Milan Vukčević (Crna Gora) • Prof. dr Miloš Glavonjić, MF Beograd • dr Zoran Dimić, LI, Beograd • Prof. dr Kornel Ehmann (SAD) • Prof. dr Saša Živanović, MF Beograd • Prof. dr Milan Zeljković, FTN Novi Sad • Prof. dr Živana Jakovljević, MF Beograd • Prof. dr Vid Jovišević (RS,BiH) • Prof. dr Simo Jokanović, (RS, BiH) • Prof. dr Milisav Kalajdžić, MF Beograd • Akad. Prof. dr Isak Karabegović (BiH) • Prof. dr Radovan Kovačević (SAD) • Prof. dr Pavel Kovač, FTN Novi Sad • Prof. dr Milija Krajišnik, (RS, BiH) • Prof. dr Sergey A. Klimenko (Ukrajina) • Prof. dr Zbigniew Kulesza (Poljska) • Prof. dr Miodrag Lazić, FIN Kragujevac • Prof. dr LJubomir Lukić, MF Kraljevo • dr Srećko Manasijević, LI, Beograd • Prof. dr Miodrag Manić, MF Niš • Prof. dr Dragan Milutinović, MF Beograd • Prof. dr Zoran Miljković, MF Beograd • Prof. dr Peter P. Melnichuk (Ukrajina) • Prof. dr Radivoje Mitrović, MF Beograd • Prof. dr Goran Mladenović, MF Beograd • Prof. dr Nicolae Negut (Rumunija) • Prof. dr Bogdan Nedić, FIN Kragujevac • Prof. dr Miroslav Pajić (SAD) • Prof. dr Petar Petrović, MF Beograd • Prof. dr Milica Petrović, MF Beograd Prof. dr Miroslav Pilipović, MF Beograd • Prof. dr Mihajlo Popović, MF Beograd • Prof. dr Radovan Puzović, MF Beograd • Prof. dr Goran Putnik (Portugalija) • Prof. dr Saša Ranđelović, MF Niš • Prof. dr Sreten Savićević (Crna Gora) • Prof. dr Nikola Slavković, MF Beograd • Prof. dr Slavenko Stojadinović, MF Beograd • Prof. dr Mirko Soković (Slovenija) • Prof. dr Victor K. Starkov (Rusija) • Prof. dr LJubodrag Tanović, MF Beograd • Prof. dr Slobodan Tabaković, FTN Novi Sad • Prof. dr Velimir Todić, FTN Novi Sad • Prof. dr Miroslav Trajanović, MF Niš • Prof. dr Milan Trifunović MF, Niš • Prof. dr Ilija Ćosić, FTN Novi Sad • Prof. dr Miodrag Hadžistević, FTN Novi Sad • dr Rodolfo Haber (Španija) • dr Nebojša Čović, Beograd •


Chair: dr Saša Živanović, full professor

Secretary: dr Miloš Pjević, assistant professor

Members: • dr Dušan Nedeljković, teaching assistant, MF Beograd • Nikola Vorkapić, teaching assistant, MF Beograd • Lazar Matijašević, teaching assistant, MF Beograd • Aleksandar Jokić, teaching assistant, MF Beograd • Bogdan Momčilović, teaching assistant, MF Beograd • Đorđe Jevtić, junior research assistant • Katarina Brenjo, junior research assistant