Design and Process Planning Integration in the Early Stages of Product Development Industrial Requirements and Research Priorities


Prof. Dr. P. G.  Maropoulos

University of Durham, UK



Abstract: The vast majority of research and commercial efforts in Computer-Automated Process Planning (CAPP) relate to the detailed optimisation of process parameters at machine level. In this process, considerable advances were made in terms of feature based design and planning and the further development of the Design for Manufacturing/Assembly concepts. This paper discusses the industrial requirements and corresponding research priorities for new generation CAPP functionality that will focus on early design evaluation. New, product data management systems, advanced tolerance management and 3D process modelling tools are now mature enough to support new CAPP functionality that goes beyond the present level. The early design evaluation using CAPP functions will benefit industry in terms of; (i) the moderation of realization risk for complex products, (ii) the rapid evaluation of manufacturing technology options in process-intensive environments and, (iii) the combined optimisation of product structure and processing requirements for products with short life cycles.

Key words: Design, CAPP, Product Development.