How to Enhance the Interest for Engineering and Sciences


Prof. Dr. Jacques Peters


Catholic University Louvain P.M.A.

Celestijnenlaan , 300, Heverlee B 3000



Abstract: In some Western industrial countries the interest for the engineering profession has dropped during the last decennium . The author investigate a series of causes , among those: the social and economic status of  the engineering career has significantly dropped as engineers often technical competence is superseded by economic,. financial , even commercial ones. in the management of  companies. Technical achievements are generally underestimated as to their cultural, social and human content. On the other hand high school as well as university education are not engineering friendly.  the recent introduction  technical  overview courses  in high school often miss their aim when taught by teachers in humanities who generally. have little feeling for the field. Science and Engineering students have more credits in humanities than humanity majors in sciences! Books of history relate more on war and politics than on the impact of scientifical and technical findings upon the development of the society.


Keywords:  Engineering, Technology, Human culture.