Engineering Science Qualities and Characteristics


Prof. Gunnar Sohlenius


Royal Institute of Technology, KTH

10044 Stockholm, Sweden,


Abstract: Being a leading international academy in the field of engineering, CIRP has to concern itself with the characteristics and qualities of the science of engineering. This science has to be understood as the accurate knowledge base and knowledge-process belonging to engineering. It is true and non-problematic that natural science is the prime fundament of science of engineering. However, engineering science is more dynamic, oriented towards human needs of new product-functions, and a science of artefacts. Natural science is oriented to extending knowledge only and therefore principally analytic. Engineering science must combine analysis and synthesis with orientation to human needs. As the quality of research and education at our universities is justified by its scientific quality it is fundamentally important for us to develop a relevant understanding of the appropriate science, in our case science of engineering. Otherwise we run the risk of poor quality and relevance in our research and education.

Key-words: Science, Engineering, Manufacturing